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Key tools for web performance optimization

By January 10, 2019Google, SEO, Website Optimization

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Tools for web performance optimization

  • PageSpeed
    Google PageSpeed Insights grades both the desktop and mobile site speeds. This popular testing tool analyzes some of the most important website components; JavaScript, CSS, and Image performance.
  • Pagelocity
    On top of analyzing on-page SEO performance, Pagelocity also takes a look at social metrics and how those are affecting your social visibility, as well as general page speed performance and individual tips on how parts of your site can be optimized for better speeds.
  • Varvy Pagespeed Optimization
    Varvy Pagespeed Optimization offers reports which are broken into 5 different sections including a resource diagram, css delivery, javascript usage, page speed issues found, and services used. Varvy gives you key web performance optimization techniques to boost web speed and seo rankings.
  • GTMetrix
    GTMetrix offers a variety of reporting options. GTmetrix goes into great detail as it checks both PageSpeed and YSlow metrics, assigning your site a grade from F to A.
  • Seositecheckup
    Seositecheckup helps you instantly analyze your SEO and web speed issues, understand your competitors’ situation and gives you advices on which web performance optimization techniques to use to improve your website in a faster and better way.
  • Semrush
    It is a paid option, but absolutely worth this money! They have different plans, but even with the most basic one you get enough information to boost your web performance. In our case, Apiumhub’s page started to see tremendous changes starting from the first month.

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